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This is a story about Minecraft. I was on my computer one day, just chilling, looking at Minecraft mods and texture packs. I downloaded Buildcraft, Clay Soldiers, Mo' Creep's and Weirdos and Doggy Talents.

I finally loaded it up after much effort. I found myself in a forest with a little river that leads nowhere and a huge mountain. I cut a few trees down and saw a little boy looking for Lollyman, but he annoyed me, so I killed him out of anger. After the millionth time you hear Lollyman, you get annoyed.

I made shelter in the mountain. It had a little water fall and a little area below, where I used to mine in. I dug down and find some diamonds! It was a very lucky hit. I dug a bit more, and strangely, I heard faint footsteps behind me. I turned to look behind me and... nothing was there. I continued digging, but I heard them yet again, but I looked behind me, and I saw nothing's there. Now I was a little creeped out, so I got back up to smelt some iron I found.

As I smelted it, I made my first mining well, and it started getting me resources. It gets me some coal and iron. I kept going; moving the mining well as I go. I did something I regret ever doing... I dug down to see what the mining well hit. The well hit some water, which flowed down to this huge ravine; I could barely see the end! As I explored the ravine, I saw some spiders and some midgets saying 'Ima going to break a your face!' I laughed the first time I heard it.

There seemed to be so many resources in this ravine that I couldn't possibly mine them all. As I went further in the ravine, I found this smaller ravine and heard the creepy sound that started it all. It was a moaning sound, but nothing was there, just a dark little cave. All I heard was what sounded like whale moans, or at least that is what a friend told me when I asked them, over Xbox Live, what they heard. I listened to it for a little bit, and I moved to search for it. It stopped, so I went back topside. I was a little freaked out, since no mod or in-game mob was supposed to make the sound, and my friends had never heard anything like it in their caves.

After I reached topside, I built myself a house by the river. It was nice and cozy (it's still my favorite house that I've made.) I made a quarry to gather my resources, but nothing good was collected. On top of that, it took up so much power that it wasn't worth keeping on. All I could think about was that mineshaft with all those resources. I felt brave and ventured into it, and I closed it off as a joke. Well, my friends told me to do that, but I was still being brave! As I go back down into the point where I heard the moans, I heard nothing but the usual mobs.

I found a lake of lava so huge that I couldn't even see the end of it. Luckily, I had a bucket of water. So, I filled the lake of lava with water, and it dried into cobble and obsidian that I could walk across. However, I heard the moans once more, and it was dark, so I put down torches to light it up then I walked up and BAM! A mob with red eyes, covered in green moss, with black face brown clothes appeared! It looked like.... excuse me, but I can't describe its form well. It spawned right in front of me and attacked. It scared me so much that I yelled a little in fright. Of course, what do my friends do? They they say brb and leave me. As I search the caves, the moans start and fear hit me. All I wanted to do is leave, so I left that cave as fast as I could. When I reached topside, I tried to find a way out of the area that was feasible. I sailed the ocean, until I found what looked like a ocean with small islands.

I didn't know what to do. There was nowhere to go, and the cave had all those tempting resources. I dwelled on it and decided to stay. I then tried to sleep in my Minecraft bed, but as soon as I tried, it went to the dark screen. barely can see screen but it wouldn't let me sleep when I tried to get up it said this bed is occupied. I could hear myself, as if I was up. Since I could hit things, the only way I could get out of the bed for real was breaking it. I finally hit the bed and it breaks. I've never had that happen before. I make a minecart system in the air heading towards a desert, after reconsidering staying there. As I go back to the main hub of my house, I hear terrible scream, as if a ghast was on fire. I saw my roof of my house was gone, and in a part it was really weird. It was even daytime. I didn't know what to do, so I left the game. I still haven't gone back.

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