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I'm some stupid guy that used to work at Youtube's headqaurders back in San Diego. I loved working there so much! But i had to stop when i seen something aful that would CHANGE MY LIFE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!111

It was August 8th 2012 i was fixing some bugs on the site that botherd everyone. My friend Jeff came up to me and told me to stop fixing the bugs and start changing the Youtube homepage.............AGAIN!!!!!!11 I was like FAQK NO SIR!!!1111 I'MA GOIN TO FEEX SOME BUGS!!!!111 He said i won't get paid if i don't! I was so ticked off!!!!!11111 I began to start working on the stupid homepage -_- But i did not want to do it i mean there is NOTHING TO CHANGE AT ALL!!1111 WHAT DA FAQK DO THEY WANT ME TO CHANGE!!!!???????

I ran up to my bosses office on the top floor and told him that there is nothing to change! he said "LOOK YOU FAQKING IDIOT!!!!!111 CHANGE SHET RIGHT NOW OR ELSE YOU'RE FIRED DUM-BASS!!!!!1111 I said "YOU KNOW WHAT?!!!1 I'MA DONE WORKING HERE!!!!!!!11111 I USED TO LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 BUT DUMB FAQKS LIKE YOU WANT TO CHANGE SHET THAT DOSEN'T NEED TO BE CHANGED!!!!!!!!11111"

I ran out the building as fast as i can!!!!!111 "So long! I'm out of this runt!" i said to everyone in the building. I tryed opening the door to get out but it was ethire jamed or locked!!!!!! "FAQK" i said to my self. I trew one of the computers at the wall and it made this HUGE hole in the wall!!!!!!1111 i went inside of the hole and found a trap door! i went in and i seen a ladder to climb down! As i was climbing i herd horrible screams down below! "I hope i'm not climbing to hell" i said to my self.

I'm finally down on the floor. I see people getting hit with a whip while they where coding the new changes to the website on the computer! I looked to my left and seen some TNT sticks under a table with chainsaws,whips,guns,knifs and axes! I grabed the sticks of TNT but first i had to light them up with a lighter. I looked all over the table but i could not find a lighter any where. OH SHOOT!!!!!!!111 I SEE SOME GAURD STARING AT ME!!!!!!!1111 WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!!!???? IM SO SCARED!!!!!!!!!1111

The gaurd is running towrds me! i got the axe and trew it at him! he ducked and it hit one of computers! The gaurd droped is ciggerates and his..........LIGHTER!!!!!!!111 I rolled a GIANT ball with spikes on the floor! The gaurd ran as fast as he can away from the ball! Yes! Now that he is away i can light the sticks on fire! HEY SLAVES COME TO ME I AM HERE TO SAVE YOU!!!!!!!!!1111 All of the slaves came running to me! They ran up the ladder and escaped! I lighted the sticks and trew them at the pepole that where controling the slaves! *BOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111* I ran up the ladder and climbed as fast as i can!

*HOURS LATER* I am out of the building and safe in my home so are the slaves. *2AM* *SNORES* zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz AHHHHHH!!!!!111111 ITS MY BOSS WITH A KNIF LOOKING OVER MY BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!111111 - THE END

Written by GodzillaFan1
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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