You Are Dead

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This is NOT a fake.

Anyways, one Halloween, my brother Bryce gave me a copy of Pokémon Blue for the GB. I asked why he gave it to me, and he said "So much trouble..." I didn't know what he meant then. Everything was normal at first, but it said "Pokémon:Mean Blue." I pressed Continue,

because it was a used game. My name was Blue, as usual. I was in Pallet Town. I checked my pokemon, and I had a charmander nicknamed Missingno. I assumed this

was a prank, but it was getting less funny every second. I went into the lab, and no one was there. No one was in Pallet Town at all! I did the normal thing, went around, got badges,(which

were on the floor in the gyms with no gym leaders) and captured Pokémon. Finally, I got to Lavender Town. Every person in the whole game of Pokemon Blue was in Pokémon Tower!

They all were standing at a grave. Even GHOST was there, at Cubone's grave. Buriedalive was sitting at a grave with it marked for him!I noticed the music in the game was really creepy and weird.

I checked the frequencies of all the songs, and it had words that spelled out, "YOU ARE DEAD ALONG WITH MISSINGNO." I turned on the game again, and went to the grave the mom was standing at.It said, "R.I.P.

Blue. His brother will avenge him in a year."I was so scared I could have cried, but I didn't. The control over the ghost of Blue was gone. He headed for Pallet Town. I saw Red on the way there with red eyes.

I checked the player card and it was the same, but with blue eyes and hat. We both went to Cinnibar Islands. Blue and Red said, "Mine..." to a Missingno. at the exact same time. We went to the graves and used

Missingno. Suddenly, my name changed to B!U3 and my stats changed. I had Unowns that spelled "#N O L I F E " No life? He was still dead. The E/R/S ending theme played.The game shut off, and when I turned it on again,

It said Continue and New Game. I pressed Continue and it said "You can't continue...You are dead..."

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