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Last night I ordered a used 3DS and Pokemon Y gamechip off of Ebay. It arrived quickly. There was a note on it. "Please be careful." Random times the game freezes" The 3DS was a an aqua blue, When I turned it on there was nothing but the Pokemon Y game showing. Which was odd but I ignored it. As the starting screen started up Yveltal was black and light red. I pressed the START button. But there was already a profile. The player was in Victory Road. The Pokemon team was a level 27 Meowstic and a level 40 Umbreon. The Meowstic was a male. It had blue eyes. The eyes should be a aqua green. But they were light blue.

It must be a mistake or something. The Umbreon was a dark gray with blood red eyes. Dark yellow circle things on its body. Both sprites looked like they were wearing necklaces. Meowstic looked as if it had a blue scarf. The Umbreon looked like it had a chained silver spiked collar.

I walked I did the spiral animation for when you used the escape rope.

It made my player outside the Prism Tower. I looked at the gym badge case. There was none. But how could I be on Victory Road? I checked my bag. I had honey and a Pokeradar. Thats it. No map no Adventure Guide book. Maybe this game is hacked..? As I walked I entered a Pokecenter. The screen was black. Then it turned on. I was in a white room with a white man. "We'll always be sad..." The screen flickered and turned staticy for a moment . Then a battle started. Trainer ZYD wants to battle you! Go Difference! Difference was Sylveon. How did I get it? I had no idea at all. The trainer ZYD sent out Pikachu. The pikachu was all black, Difference use Shadow ball! The Pikachu fainted. Difference was level 76 and femaleESJIdfPSFP'JI

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