You found me.

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I walk through the thick croud. It's a busy day here at this fair. There must be thousands of people gathered to see some silly magic show in the middle of everything else. I get nervous and sweaty thinking about what I need to do. It's a crazy job but im dead either way... Under these silly clothes are enough explosives to blow this whole god forsaken place up. I try not to think about the lives I will destroy or the reasons why. So here I await my signal. A man on a boomlift pretends to repair a power line. In his hand he holds a powerful green laser pointer he says it shoots a farther beam, I'm in no position to argue. Slowly with only my description he scans the croud several times he points at the wrong person. Hurry up I think fiddling the button ready to blow. Suddenly he spots me flashing twice as I give a friendly wave. Im dressed in a red on white striped shirt and a silly poof ball hat. I scream into the croud "I AM WALDO AND YOU FOUND ME!"

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