Zelda Twilight Princess: DEAD

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A long time ago I found a cheap copy of Ledgend Of Zelda Twilight Princes I played and compleated it so many times. A few days ago it started to act weird. First the game took along time to load like 5 mins to start up I just thougt it was just a glitch. Yesterday I got to the Temple of Time and got to the boss room. The game acted like I did not have the boss key when I did. I kept trying then game frozed and when I booted up the game It showed me going into the boss room. When I got there nothing happen and there was no sounds but driping noises. "Drip" "Drip "Drip" and I started to look around and saw Zelda dead hanging from the roof. I started to shot all my stuff at her. I heard a big bang of thunder and my power went out. Every thing but my tv was off with the image of Zelda stuck on it. It looked like her face was melting and link screamed. My tv started messing up like it mostly does so I couldnt turn it off. The power came on and the picture was gone. I grabed my phone and called nintendo. I asked them about it the hanged up fast. Few hours later I got a call saying to get rid of the game. I did not do that all I did was played windwaker. It would not load. I looked at my memory card and all my zelda saves showed a picture of zelda coverd in blood. and titled dead. I tryed to delete the files but I couldent. I did not get rid of the games, memory card, or gamecube. I just kept it setting on my self.

Credited to GaYugiohfan999vin

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