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I was recently buying a new N64 for my birthday, with $8000 of cash given to me by my rich cousin, who worked as a video game designer.

I was intended to buy some N64 games also too start up with some fun, mainly because most online games are cheaply made, except a few indies.

Anyways, I was hunting for Super Mario 64. I looked everywhere but the only problem was that they don't 'sell old games'. I looked until all shops were closed, every last one.

The next day, I heard a knock on the door, after I ate breakfast. A man in a white polo with some skinny jeans and a baseball cap. He asked me if I wanted Super Mario 64.

I was happy, but confused. I asked him the price, he said "Oh no, these are free, I gave them to you because I didn't like them, I know you bought a new N64, your brother told me." I smiled at him, then I walked off in happiness and confusion.

How did he know my brother? Why have I never seen him before? My questions would still remain unanswered. I started the N64 and plugged in the Super Mario 64 cartridge.

I noticed that the N64 logo had mishappened, it flashed only once and errored, but it stopped and it flashed to the title screen. I started a new game.

I noticed first that the entire world was all white or had a hue of its original color. Bowser was oddly absent including Princess Peach, Mario also was there, but his lower body was missing and his head missing parts, others transparent.

I did the usual routine of opening the Bob-Omb door, but worse, it said that 'Door is closed.', all the other doors were closed, so I was wandering around till I went into the 5 Star required room.

All the things were frozen, the coins were uncollectable and the goombas were frozen, no animations or sound. Normally, I would climb up right? But the walk up was blocked and inaccesable.

I jumped off the stairs, and I was greeted to a horrible new world.

I found the Bowser stage, but instead of the normal platforms that bob around, I was alone on 1 platform, surrounded by frozen lava, I actually WALKED on the lava!

Howver, everytime I do, my footprints were bloody and trailed behind me. When I reached the Bowser boss battle, Mario doubled over in pain as his feet were burnt. He cried as Bowser was also frozen.

I also saw that the timer was stuck on 001 seconds. The platfrom playfully moved on, ignoring his cries, as the time started going down, and down...

And it turned the time to -000.

What happened was that Bowser grew and his ice turned into red, hot flames as Mario screamed when the world turned to flames.

Mario was burning crying, but his face was mortifying. His eyes were wide and fell, making a slight pop as he squashed them, his body was melting horrifically, hd also had the same grin on his face, that psychotic, bloodlust grin...

Bowser fell into the lava, and the game crashed, repeating Mario's scream over and over until I lost my mind and ripped the game out of the N64.

I sat there for a few seconds before I felt my hand go hot and started burning alot. My cartridge melted the cover.

The cover now read HELL MARIO 64. In plain Sharpie, but this wasn't my game...

That was the last thing I thought before I threw the game out the window.


I read my local newspaper, and it said that the same man who gave me the game commit suicide. It turns out this game was a chain of murder.

I am the possible next victim.

Credited to GrandTheftAuto1998 

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