Zero man hide and seek

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...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

Hello everyone, my name's Godfrey, I was born in Boston, but now I'm living in Brazil, well, yesterday I died 42 times in a row, it sounds strange, but I will explain everything.

One day, in Boston, I was playing The Witcher 2: Enhacened Edition, it was the only game that I could play because I was at vacation with my redneck cousins, they don't have internet at their house.

At that moment I only had one game bought on GoG: The Witcher 2, I have a lot of games in Steam, but I need internet for Steam.

In the game there are like three scenes of sex, the first scene appeared, I was hormone-filled twenty-year-old at that time, so I was very horny.

Suddenly a message pooped out, it said: "Oh you horny basturd", then a lot of photos of naked woman appeared, I masturbated so hard that I catched fire, I was dead.

Remember, don't be too horny or you will catch fire.

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