Afterwards, a humanoid skeletal structure has revealed itself

A word of caution to the mentally, physically or emotionally unstable readers: In the case of you being affected by cardiopathic illnesses, it is recommended that you refrain from reading the following text. One could faint, resulting in violently dropping on the floor, rapidly jumping in a way resembling a fish being taken out of water, while at the same moment putting his or her palms over the heart in a caring manner, as if being affected by cardiac failure.

In addition: if your anal smooth muscle tissue is weakened and prone to not functioning properly, it is recommended that you do not interpret the text placed below; any unused metabolism products defecated are ought to cause excruciating pain to the reader.

Sometime during the past few years period, a gentleman was travelling by foot by an automobile road, because his own automobile's engine failed to function properly. Suddenly, an automobile started to drive next to his side behind him. He was tired, and wanted to hitchhike somewhere, possibly to his own mansion. To grab the attention of the passing-by driver, he signified that he was about to hitchhike by sticking his thumb out of his hand and showing it. The automobile decided to stop driving, just beside the unfortunate gentleman. Our protagonist has happily walked over to the passengers' door and opened it, satisfied by the thought of finally getting somewhere. However, to his demise, after the door has been fully opened, a humanoid skeletal structure has revealed itself from one of the passengers' seats by jumping apace.

The unfortunate gentleman featured as the protagonist of this short story

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