Fill In Da Blanks Troll Ronpaulsta (Mah Version)

Based on this.

Hello. My name is Ben and I worked as a Suicide Mouse at Nickelodeon Studios. I usually get to watch episodes days before they air. Once, me and several co-workers got to view a new episode of Candle Cove before it aired. Usually, there are comical titles to the episodes, sort of work realated chuckles, like a title would have a fake title like Squidward's Suicide instead of Dead Bart when Slenderman died with Charlie Gordon. So, when we saw the title was Drew Pikels, we shrugged it off and continued with the episode. It started with The Rake talking to Jeff The Killer. Suddenly, the characters videotape got hyper-realistic. It was freaky. Then, Candlejack killed Tails Doll wi-. I was so scared, I said "BLARGAGAH" and one of the interns shat out of the room. Then, a quick picture lasted one frame, so we had to rewind the tape, where we saw a creepypasta. It was inside out. It was so retarded, I shat again, and we continued with the episode. Then, we heard screaming, and Nigel Thornberry was holding a pimple, then a voice said MY LEG!, and DEUUEUAGH. Then, an intern suddenly ate the tape, so that's why I can't show you the video. My friend caused suicide later, and his note said "I was too sterile". Then, I visited his house and then a mother-in-law popped out.

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