Jeff the Porn Star Creates Pornography


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Jeff was one of the hottest male models at the time. All the fangirls swooned over him, like flies to a trash heap. Jeff knew he had devilishly good looks so he decided to contact a pornagraphy agency about it.

"Confidence. I must have confidence." Jeff reminded himself. He was not one for public appearences, however, this was his big chance to get a spot in the limelight.

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" Jeff exclaimed as he saw the wait line into Porn Palace. He stood at the back of the line, behind some short Asian dude.

"WOAH! A GNOME!" Jeff cried out in excitement. He then grabbed the Asian dude and hugged him tightly, squeezing his eyeballs out.

Several hours later, Jeff finally got his chance to audition. He started by doing a simple strip tease, ripping his shirt off, and moving his pecks. The judges stared in disbelief, he was PERFECT! They decided to set him up with a contract to do porn, and Jeff quickly signed it.

Jeff was to arrive at the studio Monday morning around 9 for his first porno video. He was so excited that he ejaculated on the way home and couldn't sleep all night. He creamed his pants, homeboys.

The next day he woke up, took a shower, applied deoderant and cologne, combed his hair, and dressed in a fancy tuxedo jacket with black slacks. He was ready to go. He jizzed again on the way to the studio, but that was ok, because it would look good for the porno. When Jeff arrived, Percy Flannigan was waiting for him.

"Ahhs zee da porno artist, no? Veddy guud vee set ju' up.". Jeff was smiling so much, he looked like a creep in a the women's bathroom. They walked to the studio and there was a small room with a bed, and a hot female model. This was not Jeff's room, as they walked right past it.

The next room was slightly bigger, with two hot female models. Jeff, as you may guess, fucking exploded in his pants. This, however, was not Jeff's room.

The next room was empty, the model had not arrived yet, so Jeff had time to get into position. He was so excited, thinking about how hot the girl was. A few minutes has passed, and Percy walked back to the entrance to greet the model.

After a few short seconds, Percy entered the room and said, "Well, here's your model."


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