Motha Fucka

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Warning: This contains disturbing content not suitable for young readers and/or readers with a weak heart.

Just another normal day...

I remember this story like it was yesterday. It still scares me to this day. This story gave me a case of depression so I was always eating until I became fat. About 4 years ago, I was walking in the streets embracing the hood life. Everywhere I look there were joyful gangsters playing tag, driving cars, and playing army. When I walked farther in the outskirts of town, there was a truck behind me. and I could hear a distinct "Motha fucka motha fucka motha fucka" All I was thinking was, "oooooohhhh crap!"

...And so the story began...

Motha Fucka

I was right, it was a jeep driving my way. One man driving, another in the passenger seat, and 4 on top of the carrier. I was running because it scared me and I was scared. He was holding a gun yet he wasn't shooting... All he was chanting was "motha fucka motha fucka" As they passed me, I grabbed on their truck and prepared for a fight. When I reached for the man chanting, his face suddenly changed to one of a Donkey's as he said to me, "Dontchya Daaare call ME a mutha fuckaa!!!" So we were just staring at each other for maybe, 2 minutes, possibly 10. And when they started whipping at me I killed the donkey head. I felt like the badass hero in that one movie. I said to him, "You are DEAD, motha fucka!" And as I said that, his dead body suddenly sprung up with his face wide eyed. The last words I heard him say was "Motha fuckayen peesasheeyet cacksuckaaa" And he killed me. Bottom line, don't ever call someone a mother fucker unless you're willing to die and write trollpastas all day.

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