Regular Show: Mordecai's Revenge

If you want spaghetti then go buy it.

Hi, I was an intern for Cartoon Network when I found a tape of Regular Show for VHS so I popped the tape in and watched it. It started with the Intro sound and title "Regular Show" came up. Then the episode started with no title of the episode or "Written by Mr. Asshole", which was weird.

The Episode started with Mordecai and Rigby sitting at a table in the "Coffee Shop". I noticed the picture was the same for 10 seconds and Mordecai's were black. Rigby's eyes were black too and he looked mad. The quality of the picture was bad, and then it went to black. It started up again with a SKELETON POPPING OUT!!

I got a heart attack and shot the tv with a rocket launcher that blew up the studio.

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