Reverse the Curse of Smile Dog

I was once a victim of the curse of the photo of Smile Dog, A.K.A the nightmares and all that. It never got to the point where it talked to me, but lets get back to this curse reverse. So I was browsing creepypasta images on Google one day and found this photo in the midst of it. When I opend the link, the background website would load, but didn't take much thought about it. When I downloaded this image, I heard a loud noise come from outside. It was day time and when I peeked ouside, nothing was there. I was thinking before I checked and thought "Oh it's Slenderman, maybe! I get to meet him!" But no, It was Smile dog! I ran back inside, shut the sliding door and locked it. I ran back to my computer and I don't remember what I did! All I know is that I blacked out from scared to death or something. I had a dream about the dog but it seemed different.

Not only more vivid, but the expression of the dogs face was... it was... frowning? When I noticed this, the background window turned into daylight and the bloody hand wasn't there anymore. After this all happened, the dog said, in a mix between a Demon and a Human male voice,"You have set yourself free. You have set me free from your dreams. I thank you for this. When you heard that sound coming from the outside of your house, that was the evil dog being released from your dreams. That dog has dissappeared since your sleep."

I was confused and when the dog disappeared, I woke up. When I peeked back outside, there was no more dog, not even a puppy. When I went back online, the same search was still up, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I was like it was meant for me... When I went to look for it on my computer, a browser window popped up. It was CleverBot. What I was thinking was "Oh no, now I have to deal with Ben Drowned?!" but no, it was the dog, the good one. It instantly said, "When you find that image, pass it on. Get rid of that stinkn' dog." When I tried to reply, it just went back to the regular bot. I searched for hours and I finally found it. Finally, I came here to write this story. I give that image to you. It may still seem eerie and creepy, but trust me, it won't summon the evil dog or anything, it's been through my 'filters' and no evilness surrounds the image. KTHNXBAI

Oh, and please do look behind you ;)

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