Sonic the Hedgehog: No Mercy

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When I was little, I always played the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis. I was obsessed with the game. I was recently cleaning out the attic when I found my old Sega Genesis. But sadly no Sonic the Hedgehog 1 anywhere.

I asked my friend, lets call him Jonny, if I could use his credit card since we are both HUGE Sonic fans. Jonny, being the awesome friend that he is, agreed and we ordered the game off eBay.

The game took two painful weeks of waiting to get here. The game finally arrived in the mail and I called Jonny over. The game had no cover but a piece of paper with SoNic horribly written on it. We started up the game with no problems. The title screen was a little odd.

Everything was normal except for Sonic. He had black fur instead of blue and he had red demented eyes with a smile of razor sharp teeth to match.

We shook this off as just a glitch and started a new game. I wish we stopped playing there but we did not. The game started up normal. But as we passed through the levels his fur got darker and his eyes got more red just like on the title screen. And the music play the Sonic theme for every level but it kept getting lower and distorted as we continued on in the game.

By the time we reached the final level, Sonic looked exactly the way he did on the cover and the music was unrecognizable. Eggman had a look of terror on his face.

As we defeated Eggman a cut scene played. Eggman said in a chat bubble: "please have mercy!"

Sonic replied: "I SHOW NO MERCY!" Sonic then pulled out a knife and stabbed Eggman as hyper realistic blood came out. We shut off the game and burned it. I let Jonny stay at my place for the night as I could tell he was shaken up.

The next morning the game reappeared on the coffee table. We tried every method to get rid of the game but it always reappeared. We even tried to send it back to the original owner but when we looked up his eBay account, it said he did not exist. That's the day I learned that Sonic shows no mercy.

Credited to DragonMasterLance

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