Spooky night

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one night i was sitting in my room by myself there was a blackout everything was dark

my phone didnt work

i didnt have candles or flashlights

everything was dark but im a true hero so i wasnt scared then suddenly i heard thudding and weird noises from my kitchen i was scared and i slowly went in the moonlight lit the room and i could see something moving suddenly i heard a scream i was scared i ran to my room and locked the door

then the electricity came back and i went back to the kicthen with a large book in my hand ready to knock out the thing that was in my kitchen then i opened my door and i saw shadows lurking around in my kitchen

i went inside the kitchen. there was my little brother with red luqiud all over him

he spilled ketchup on himself when there was a blackout because he wanted to make a sandwich and he screamed because some got in his eye

the end

Written by Podddo‎
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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