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The Other Simon, aka The Sye-Man, is the evil long lost deformed twin of Simon Cowell. This monstrous creature is a cannibal among other things.

His left eye, the larger one, is a bionic eye that struggles to fit in its socket, it is able to see in the dark and sees things like the Terminator would (red vision). As for his hair, it's stuck as two horns forever since he is some form of a devil. His ears, shrunk into his skin due to Botox gone wrong. Sye-Man suffered from a very, very, very rare disease that only one person in history can ever get it. The disease makes your eye shrink a little bit each year and expand in width. Sye-Man is fifty-four years old so it took a while for his eye to get where it is right now.

As for his mouth, he took Simon Cowell's place on the X-Factor for a short period of time but no one noticed. His mouth got that shape because he kept insulting bad contestants and not looking so amused. By doing very miserable expressions 97% of the time, his face permanently stuck to it.

As for his chin, he is a very big fan of the American sitcom, Family Guy. He became such a big fan that he wanted a chin like Peter Griffin, the main protagonist of the show. He got plastic balls implanted into his chin. The doctor warned him that they will be forever permanent. Sye-Man took the risk and got an unusual double-chin.

This is 100% fake, for entertainment purposes only.

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