Why You Don't Drink Smexy's Protien Shake

FURBEARINGBRICK'S NOTE: This was written for MsExpansion, one of my biggest stalkers fans on DeviantART. Also, the Sexual Offenderman in the story is not from the trollpasta, it's arcanineryu's Slendy OC. He's always depicted as being ripped as all get out, so I figured he must work out a lot.


A parched Masky mistook Sexual Offenderman's protein drink for a glass of milk and drank it. The blend of nutrients and chemicals, being formulated for the otherworldly physiology of Operators, started having a strange effect on the Proxy's body.

He doubled over in pain as his insides started shifting, and his fingernails turned into claws. His muscles began to swell, and bony spikes started sprouting out of his shoulders, ripping his jacket to shreds. As he grew larger, his neck extended and became thicker. His jaw changed shape, becoming a muzzle. The strap of his mask snapped off, but the mask was still firmly on his face. As the transformation finished, his mind became utterly bestial and feral. He let out a huge roar and started thrashing everything in sight.

Smexy, now coming out of the showers, saw the transformed Proxy destroying the gym and realized what had happened. He contacted Slenderman via telepathy, who sent the rest of the Collective to subdue the berserk Masky. Even The Observer had trouble holding him down as the syringe of antidote was administered.

Masky yowled in pain as he started shrinking and the transformation reversed. When it was over, he came to with no memory of his rampage.

This would have been the end of things, but as the Proxies left Smexy's gym he noticed one of his energy bars was missing. Hoody had taken it, thinking it was a candy bar, and had stuffed it in his pouch, planning to eat it later...

All together, everyone: "HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!"

Written by Furbearingbrick
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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