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I need to talk about a truly terrifying experience I had. I don't think I will make it out of this day, but before I go, I need to spread the word. There is a website called YouTube. It lets you share videos with other people, and I loved it for what it was. But, a fallout was soon to come.

Google came and took it over. Things didn't seem too different, but I saw they were making changes that began to slowly deteriorate the whole website. I thought when they added google plus into YouTube it was the farthest they would be able to go. Boy, was I ever wrong. They decided to change the comment section of the videos.

At first they said it would improve the site, make it go more smoothly. The exact opposite happened. When I logged on, things seemed normal at first. It all changed when I went to go watch a video. I went to look at the comments, and they had changed. It... it was awful. Just plain broken. There was an option to sort top comments, and when I did, there were no likes next to any of the comments! Even worse, there wasn't even an option to like, dislike, or reply at all! I figured it was a glitch, so I moved on.

I went to another video, it was the same except people were basically making essays ot of comments. This is when I figured out there wasn't a character limit at all! Some people had legit comments to be taken seriously that you had to scroll a whole page to read. Some people just spammed pictures of genitalia and pedobears. Since there was no character limit, there wasn't a limit to what people could do.

The last video I wached had the most views and the most comments. It was also the one most resembelent to a hellhole. Broken systems, paragraphs, penises, and to think it could get any worse, the links. Easily the most godforsaken addition, these led people like me to try to change back the format, only to get flashing images of Jeff the Killer, changing colors and being accompanied with ear-piercing screams that made me fall out of my chair. When I tried to get up, I couldn't. I was losing control of my body and I was foaming at the mouth. I had an epilepsy.

I managed to live after my mom heard a thud from my room. The doctors worked to get me back to health, and they succeded, at least physically. Mentally, I've still been scarred by my first seizure inducing experience. I have gotten consultation from many mental health specialists. I have decided I don't need this anymore. As I give my last advice, I tell you, if you go on YouTube, DON'T CLICK THE LINKS.

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