Freaking Cucumbers (Collab)

One day, I was playing Sonic Lost world (This has nothing to do with the story), then I heard someone screaming outside. I usually hear someone screaming outside every day because my dog is a jerk, but my dog was the one that was screaming. I went outside and heard he was screaming "CUCUMBERS!". I hated cucumbers with a passion, so I ignored him.

After I went back inside, I saw a bright green light flowing into the house. Other than reminding me of photosynthesis, I wondered what could be making such a bright green light. I ran after the green light, and I saw a Cucumber-looking UFO. The base was a cucumber slice and the the top was the end of a smaller cucumber. it was shaped like a UFO.

Then, it descended.

Then it rose, then descended, then rose again and I could hear "Bob, stop pushing that button!" from the top. I heard a small "Sorry", then it landed on the ground. This is when a crowd started gathering around my house. Some of them stared at the UOV (Unidentified Organic Vehicle), while some of them grunbled about how it was my fault because I was the main character in the story.

A door opened within the UOV, then out came... oh no...


The people around my house started running away while yelling things like "We are going to die!" and "What did I ever do to you, Veggie Tales!?". The cucumbers responded by shooting cucumber seeds at houses and people. The people stood still, faced the Cucumber aliens, and laughed. The cucumber seeds did no damage whatsoever. But they did stick to the people and houses. Immediately, they started to grow, puncturing walls and covering people's bodies. They were turning people into cucumbers!

I ran away as fast as I could (not because they were evil destructive cucumber aliens, but because of the onions). After running through an alleyway, a person on a motorcycle pulled up and said "Get in". I said "If you insist" and started crawling into the tailpipe. He shouted "I MEAN GET ON!" and I jumped onto the seat instead. Then suddenly, Cucumber aliens started chasing us. I looked behind me and said "Quick! Step on the gas!". He replied with "If you insist" in a sarcastic tone and set his right foot on the handlebar. The cucumbers formed into their own motorcycle, and they were ridiculously fast! We had no chance...

The cucumbers surrounded us and we were forced to stop. One stepped forward and said "DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE BOY?". I replied "Earth?" Then they said "Oh, thanks. I was wondering whether we were here or on flibbalia". He left. The one cucumber said "This planet will be ours!" and he stuck a yellow flag into the ground and they started cheering. Then a skeleton popped out, pulled out the flag, and said "You know, taking over the entire planet takes more than a simple flag," and burrowed back in..

While the cucumbers were distracted, the motorcycle driver stabbed the cucumber who claimed taking over the world, and hyper-realistic juice started spurting out. The cucumbers started cheering, and aimed their cucumber seed guns at me. They were just about to fire when one ran past the other cumbers and said something. He ate the seeds, and grew to a huge size. It's cucumberzilla!

I then jumped on the motorcycle, started driving, ran over a bystander that said "This is getting cumbersome!", and drove to the top of a skyscraper. He punched the building, and I jumped to another. This started a chain reaction, with buildings acting like dominoes. Eventually, I stood on the only skyscraper left. After admiring my jumping skills, I had to think of a plan to get rid of this cucumber.

I dug around in my pocket and found a DS and some copper wire, which gave me a good idea. I dug around in my pocket and found a DS and some copper wire, which gave me a good idea. I threw the two into a blender, and the DS became a copper missile shooter! I aimed at the giant cucumber, and fired the missile at him.

He died. However, there are more cucumbers, and I need to get rid of them! After panicking and running in circles, I pulled out my cell phone and dialed a number I remembered from my childhood. The Pizza delivery guy I remember. After having a delicious pizza, I ran off to kill the rest of the Cucumbers. But then I ran into the group of cucumbers, and they all pointed their guns at me. They were about to fire when a message came on one of their radios.  It reminded me to use the DS Missile launcher. I aimed the missile launcher at the cucumbers, and blasted them apart. Another wave. I blasted them, but they were immune! I ran away.

Then a group of people ran from their homes, using whatever they could to kill the cumbers. Knives, blenders, pudding, anything they believed to be effective. I ran into a swamp, and found Shrek. He was holding Donkey. He went "Don't be so ogre" and pulled donkeys tail, which caused Donkey to run really fast and shred through cucumbers. The cucumbers found Shrek as the main target. I took the chance. I aimed for the UOV, and...

played horrible dubstep music from it's communicator, causing the cucumbers to spontaneously combust. The Cucumbers couldn't handle it, and they ran into the UOV and flew away. I'm pretty sure they won't be returning.  It has been many years since that incident. ten years afterwards, some rather intelligent radishes landed, and we formed an alliance. We have many organic weapons to fight against them next time if they return.


This was a collab between Moon Snail and Beanboy10.

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