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Hello everyone! My name is Moon Snail. I am a rollback on ther Trollpasta wiki. I usually can be found writing trollpastas and reversing bad edits.

Some stuff I made (In chronological order):

Still available:


  • Doge.EXE (As indicated by title, was a Sonic.EXE ripoff starring Doge.
  • Kingler and the intellivision (My dethroning moment of suck.)
  • Greninja goes to Wal-mart
  • PLANTS VS ZOMBIES LOST PLANT (This marks the increase of qualities in my trollpastas. Still not that great (Evident, since it got deleted), but much better than my last four.)
  • Happy.exe (Another terrible Sonic.EXE ripoff.)
  • Roblox (Fun Fact: The name was based off of a dream I had.)
  • Waluigi is love, Waluigi is life (Bait-and-switch of the waluigi kind.)
  • Why the Pringles guy is actually satan
  • The Tale of shrek Badly Translated (Exactly what it sounds like.)
  • Garfieldz Horrible Joy
  • Pooh goes Poop (Technically, I didn't make it, but it's my page, so it goes here.)
  • Bad CGI Donkey's daily routine
  • Anti-idle flood
  • Moon Snail writes a trollpasta on OpenOffice but it gets deleted.
  • Donald is Dead
  • MinecraftBlaze.EXE

Characters I created

OTher stuff

Signature: Hyper-Realistic Moon Snail at your service! 17:47, October 11, 2014 (UTC)

Collabs: Accepting

Trollpasta images: only if I know you well.