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"I'm here with the developer of this travesty"

-Vinny(Warning, link leads to video not recommended for children)

Hello everybody. I am beanboy10 (Or more recently known as "Metabloxer"), and I am a big fan of Trollpasta wiki. I have written a few pasta's myself, but I'm mostly into reading the creepypasta fails and stuff by Moon Snail(Hey! That rhymes!). Recently, I've been adding categories to pastas, which I am currently not very great at, but I am improving.

Below are things I have written, in chronological order.

Nekcihc's Blood(ded)

The ogre, the pizza, and the attic (It got deleted. Nothing here. Nothing at all.)

Freaking Cucumbers (Collab with Moon Snail)

Slenderman diet pills (Trying to get this removed. Needs at least a rewrite.)

Grandma's Gifts

Jimmy Neutron Theory: Fairies

Supermariobrothers %.exe

The Rock falls, everybody dies

Secret Stashe: Lost Episode (I spelled the title wrong when I created the page. might fix)