I'm Sorry, Chef Pee Pee - 2022 Version

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Author's note: Yes, i know this is fake, i just wanted to make a sort of good creepypasta based on one of Glider's videos.

So i'm sure that if you clicked on this post, then you are aware that someone on this wiki has posted about a video titled "I'm Sorry, Chef Pee Pee!" from SML, a not-so-family-friendly channel about puppets, that formerly used the Nintendo Plushies, making racist, sexual and adult jokes in their videos, which can be seen in one of their videos, "Jeffy's Medical Problem" in which drugs are referenced.

Okay, let's get that out of the way, let me explain about my point of view on the story of "I'm sorry, Chef Pee Pee!".

So one day, i was just scrolling through my recommended tab on Youtube, You know, being bored, when i suddenly found a video from SML. "Oh boy! A new SML video!" I said to myself. It was called "I'm Sorry, Chef Pee Pee". Me being the idiot that i was, i clicked on it, but little did i know, That was a big mistake.

The video started with a warning. That is very strange, why is SML putting a warning on this video, and not on "The Secret Door", or some other creepy SML video. The warning said: "This video is not for the weak hearted. Viewer discretion is advised. We warned you..". What the heck? This video was already giving me the creeps.

The warning slowly faded and the video started with Junior with Joseph, Cody and Jeffy in the downstairs living room playing with a ball. What was strange was that they were using the Nintendo plushies when they weren't supposed to use them at all. A solid 10 seconds of the video is just all 4 of them playing with the ball. "This is not scary at all." I said. It then cut to Chef Pee Pee in the kitchen, cooking some soup, when Junior accidentally throws the ball into the kitchen and right on Chef Pee Pee's back, making his face fall into the soup that he was cooking.

Junior then went to take Chef Pee Pee's face off of the soup, but by the time he did, his face had completely burned off. and when i tell you that it looked really gorey, it really was. Chef Pee Pee's brain could be slightly seen, his face was completely covered in blood and both his eye sockets looked like they were ready to pop. Junior then screamed when he saw that god damn thing, whatever the fuck that even was. What the fuck was i watching at this point? I should have clicked off here, but no, i didn't, and i kept watching this unholy video.

Junior then tried thinking of something that would fix Chef Pee Pee's face, but he didn't have ideas, so he went back to the living room, only to find that all of his friends left the scene. Junior, all alone and scared, returned to the kitchen and thought of the last thing that could save Chef Pee Pee.. He thought of using PlayDoh.

So then he went and grabbed red, blue and green PlayDoh, some glue and started to mold Chef Pee Pee a new face, which took 6 hours, according to the text that appeared on the screen.

Once Junior had finished to mold Chef Pee Pee the new face, Chef Pee Pee awoke, and boy, he looked REALLY pissed off at Junior. "JUNIORRR!!!!" Chef Pee Pee screamed. Chef Pee Pee's blood leaked through the PlayDoh, and his empty eye sockets scared the everliving daylights out of me. Junior, now terrified, tried to crack a joke that went like this: "What do you call a chef that's angry? A burned up chef!". But when Chef Pee Pee heard that terrible joke, He suddenly put his hand in Junior's Heart and pulled it out. Then he smashed that heart to smithereens. What was more creepy was that it was not a edited or fake heart, it was a REAL heart. Chef Pee Pee also took Junior's eyes out and placed it in the empty PlayDoh sockets.

The video ended with Chef Pee Pee leaving the kitchen, and with a shot of Junior's corpse. There was no SML question, just white text on a black background that said: "-.-. .... . ..-. .--. . . .--. . . -.-. --- -- . ... ..-. --- .-. -.-- --- ..-" that translates to: "chefpeepeecomesforyou".


Funny thing: I have a friend that took a screenshot from one of Chilly's vlogs that was presumably very, and i mean very unfinished. It's just a weird angle of the kitchen. No creepy stuff, no actual behind the scenes stuff, just a still frame of the kitchen. What i can assume was that Chilly was walking to the kitchen to show progress on the Mutilated Chef Pee Pee, or on the Junior that was very creepy.

Credited to Troggleofical 

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