I just gave a cockroach a facial.

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...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

As I stepped into the shower a cockroach leaps at me from a spot on the ceiling and landed on my foot after kicking it off, it went berzerk and started running around but it couldn't escape as it was trapped in the shower with me. I managed to dodge the pest drawing in all my resources from my 12 years of tap dancing experience.

the cockroach gave up trying to attack me and sat in the corner glaring at me. I then summoned all my wits and trapped it under a shaving cream lid. I thought to myself "this little cockroach isn't going to ruin my shower", so I decided to start fapping.

That's when I got my most brilliant idea yet! I decided to give the trapped cockroach the best facial of it's little cockroach life.

When I neared climax I released the cockroach from it's prison, then blew a load of sticky cum all over it's face, then I placed the lid back over it.

TL;DR There is a trapped cockroach in my shower covered in jizz.

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