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when i beat a pokemon game like always i like to start over it a while later. the title Pokemon Pearl. this game was the oldest i ever had that i play to this day. to my surprise this was my new adventure.

when i went out of my house in the game a person in a hoody. it asked, "do you remember me? i caught that heatran". I chose no. "you sure? I AM BRENT YOU DELETED ME! YOU KILLED ME!" brent yelled. When i thought it was over but Brent dissapered. I saw a graveyard though i knew i shouldn't go i did. i read the gravestones.

Colby 2010-2011 deleted.

Dawn 2010-2012 deleted.

Lappl 2013 deleted.

Brent 2009-2011 deleted.

Scrazy 2012 deleted

scrazet 2011-2012 deleted.

I was devastated all my players from 2009 to 2013! Pokemon black, white, heartgold, soulsilver and even Pokemon pearl. Brent and Dawn came. "So you found out" Dawn said. "so are you sorry?" asked Brent. I chose yes but Brent yelled "LIAR!" then Buried Alive came out of the ground he battled me. good thing i had my partners. Heatran Mamoswine, Suicune, Mewtwo, Salamence and Victreebell. after Heatran, Mamoswine, Mewtwo, Salamence and Victreebell fainted it was finally 1 on 1 but i did beat Buried Alive. He melted into green slime. They graveyard dissapered and i continued. I went to the tall grass and the pokemon i encountered was none over the MissingNo.

MissingNo said "Goodbye" MissingNo made the music loud and changed it to the Lavender town theme. My eyes started to spiral, i barfed until it turned into bile, i pinched myself alot. To this day there has been a mark in my mind it always says "NEVER DELETE".

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