Slander Mawn

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The Best Gangbang Ever

Slander Mawn in all his glory.

Holy pooping skeletons, guys, I don't know how I survived, but I did, and know I am here to tell you guys about my enconter with the Slander Mawn.It all started when me and my friends... okay, I don't have friends. Well, me and my... myself were trick or treating at Hallowen.

"Awesome! I hope I get candeh!" I said.

"Me too!" said myself.

I was dressed as a elephant and myself was dressed as nothing.

"Hey myself, I dare I can go into that scary forest that most likey contains werewolfs and sparkly vampires with underage girls!" I said.

"Lawl, you just dared yourself," said myself.

"I accept," said yourself.

Yourself, myself and I entered the forest and walked and stuff and it was dark and scary.

"Maybe I should head back," said myself.

"And lose the dare? NO WAY!" said yourself.

"Um, guys, I think I saw something," I said.

Then a tall guy came and we died so much than we went to heaven and came back as ghosts.

What we looked like when we died


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