The Horrors of Toy Story (AKA "Toy Story.exe")

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so one day i must have gotten a fever cause i was watching toy story and im 21. i actually enjoyed it cause i liked the movie as a kid. then i realized toy story 2 was gonna be on next. i was super exicted i shit my oants. after cleaning up my shit the movie started. everyone had red eyes but i just thought they had pink eye or my tv was glitching. then the fat ass man who kidnaps woody had a gun. he shot everyone and then himself. woody was a lone survivor so he walked until he came to a day care place. i was then super confused cause that happens in toy story 3. lotso greets me and then he killed everyone and himself. woody once again survived and found andy at his college. then the next day a murderer came in and killed alot of people. woody and andy survived and then they lived forever. andy became a cop and took woody with him. 5 years into the buisness andy and woody are killed by a gang. the gang was the fat ass man, lotso, and the college murderer. they must have come back to life. then they were drowned in the ocean by buzz. buzz said that patrixx revived the gang. buzz then killed patrixx and then they lived in a quiet world. that was one crazy day and now i feel like im next in line for the torture.

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