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My name is "ChaliceCodinSon68+1". Not my real name, of course, but I'm keeping it safe so nobody chases me. Especially him. Remember the 2014 anime game called Yandere Simulator? An insane schoolgirl attempts to make her "Senpai" love her, doing anything she can in her path while portraying an innocent stranger. I used to LOVE that game, even if the coding was slow. I thought the concept was amazing, even better than FNaF, which I still regret saying that to this day. The developer of the game was a guy called "Alex" or "Yanderedev" who used to be known as a nice developer who was hard working by most youtubers, some examples are Messyourself and Markiplier, who enjoyed playing the game when it first became a trend, slaughtering their paths to love in the game. But nowadays, no progress is made on the first rival, Osana, and most stuff is focused on easter eggs, which is where his downfall began. Nobody really cared about the game until 2020, when a controversy about Dev began, where nearly nobody liked him, and laughed at him for the ban speedruns in the server. His obsession with milk and chalices was also concerning, but that comes later.

I was once a contributor to the game, where I had put in multiple assets for him, including suggesting new grass. But he accidentally leaked something in his basement while we were in a Discord groupchat call. About a week ago Scott Cawthon, the developer of FNaF noticed his assets for his games were gone. It was suddenly discovered Yanderedev had taken them.

A picture was taken and sent to the Police because these assets were Scott's, not Alex's. Soon, a detective in the town known as Noah would come knocking on my door because I was associated with Dev.

"Do you know of an Alex?"

"Yes, I do" I replied.

"ok beta cuck moment, dm me"

"what the fuck"

The detective runs off.

I would go back to the call, where Alex seems to not be the happiest. He was in a rage at how someone had leaked one of his old videos about a "Milk" (sorry kids) chalice that was at the time being consumed by the man. What a horrible act to a chalice and its liquids at about 2009, what a long time ago. Dev is still angry about it, as he misses his old sexy look, and how he now looks like an old man. Which in honesty, he really does. So he's somewhat correct there.

When a contributor asks:

"Isn't your code more important before your looks? After all it's pretty garbage."

"Know your facts before you come at me you little goof." He replied.

"Easily debunked criticism." The other contributor who was clearly simping for him, said.

"MikeZ was lying. My code is flawless. Elseif if if if if if if if if if if if if"

He kept on saying 'if' for a full hour, and was threatening us with a BB Gun to stay in the call until the 'if session' ended. I didn't like BB Guns being shot at me. Neither did the others, which was why we stayed and went through the torture.

Then he made us watch Slenderman G-mod funny moments episode #22 with Yandere-chan included. Nobody liked it. He clearly was torturing us via the internet, and we couldn't change our minds because he put a hypnotizing spell on our computers so that was pretty bad, y'know.

He then raged at how Cuphead shouldn't have been so hard and he was ridiculed over hating how Cuphead was hard and wasn't supposed to be because hard games should apparently be "banished to hell". He never validates people's opinions and makes sure they're always int he dust, and his fanbase doesn't really care anymore since the controversy is ending if you're not a twitter user. He still has tons of people in the server, and speedruns have ended because bans are really hard to get nowadays without replying on that one channel. Banned words have been applied to so the cum chalice is no longer to be mentioned in the vicinity of yanderedev.

But something weird was happening to Alex. Worse than the rages he had at people. When people trolled him, about 68 +1 hours later, they would suddenly disappear. Weird, and a weird number.. I guess. I have limited time if I was to troll him myself, then. I had to be careful near this man. About a hundred people have went missing.

When I asked him about it, his only reply was:

"Banned Name".

That freaked me out at first, but I guess banned names were what he was all the rage about at the time. Especially when he got his character into a game so he wasn't happy when people were saying "Consume the Cum Chalice" in his replies. But maybe it was an attempt to scare me off because this question often pressures him nowadays. He's never at his best anymore.

Until my friend, who also contributes nowadays, went missing when he posted a joke about consuming this so-called 'chalice.' this was when I freaked out. I had to run, or get him. He took my friend away from me.

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Credited to Noahcourage, and Oofmakes 

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