"The Mark"

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So I was just doing what I do being a gamer! So I was playing a game and I heard a light gun shot I was wearing headphones so I didn't know if it was the game or not... I just sat there for a moment and pulled myself together. I heard it again but I had my headphones off this time I was worried. I  looked outsode and didn't see anything only grass and tree's. I lived across the street from a forest so I got more worried then I should have been. But then I heard a noise in my basement now I was worried the house I owned was very old and the floor's alway's made a squeaking sound. I had a gun so I went for it I opened the closet and there was a man standing there staring at me and he has both his eyeball's cut out and dangling and a bloodstained shirt and the very botton of his pant's too he had a lot of little mark's on his arm's almost 100 of them. I felt like I was looking upon the devil himself his arm's had many scary stuff on them like "You are dead" and "This is your last day". So I slammed the closet and turned around and right infront of my face was the man I was scared I opened the closet and he was in there too they walked toward's me and I screamed and they simultaniously said "Shhhh it is done" then they said together again "The mark" and said it about 10 times in a row I just stood there in fear then there head started tilting and they both shot out there tounge and almost hit me but they missed I hopped on the bed and ran off into the living room and then there were many so I ran into my room slammed the door shut and turned on my computer to try to look him up. One forum came up it only said two word's "The Mark" then my door dissappeared and they all walked in I jumped out my window and they got me while I was hurt and now I am one of them writing this from my group and I found out what they were and what they wanted.

Credited to Creepyxbox

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