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So, y'know it was a usual Summer's night. I was home in my bed screwing around on tumblr when I hear this like, little voice. "Hello.." I thought it was the television so I turned it down to listen see if I heard it again. A few minutes passed, I heard nothing. I then played some music, quiet creeps me out. I hear the little voice again. "Hello." I turn off my music, getting a little riled up. Once again, nothing. I sat in silence for about ten minutes before I heard it again. The natural reaction to this is hide under the blanket and pray it's not Azazel after you. (well, mine anyway.) I shivered from fear under the blanket for awhile before I peeked out of my blanket. All I saw was my cat staring at like I'm an idiot, as usual. "Hello." I heard it again. I let out an embarrassing noise and threw a pillow at the darkness. "Go away!" I shreiked. "Hello. Hello. Hello." I was scared, confused and hungry. I didn't know what else to do, so I said hello back. "Can I sit with you?" I was shocked it said something else. "Sure..." I said. That was a huge mistake, I felt my body go cold, my muscles felt tight, I couldn't move, the pain was brutal. It was literally like, someone was in my body squeezing me from the inside. I finally passed out from the pain. When I awoke, I was in total darkness. I couldn't even see the hand infront of my face. I wandered the darkness for what seemed like years when I saw someone. It was weird, as if I were staring through a window. It was this guy, he looked around my age. I wondered if he could help me. I was desperate for other human contact, I haven't seen or talked to anyone in forever. "Hello? Hello?" Soon as I said that, his HYPER REALISTIC EYES captured my attention, then BLOOD WENT EVERYWHERE. THE BLOOD THEN STARTED BLEEDING BLOOD ON ME, THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT WITH A CELLPHONE SCREAMING "WHO WAS PHONE?!"

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