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Hey, kids! Have you ever read the famous Jeff the Killer story and wished 'Man, I want to make a story that will be this popular.' Now you can! With the Jeff the Killer Mad Lib! With this template, all originality will be sucked straight out of your story, making it a near-copy of the ever-so-popular Jeff the Killer! Just fill in the blanks, and your Killer will join the ranks of these amazing, original characters!

Title: _____ the Killer

Hello, I'm (name, last name not important). I was just a normal (boy, girl), until that day I just snapped. These three bullies, (Bully 1), (Bully 2), and (Bully 3) were picking on me, as usual, and it was getting to me today more than usual. So today, when they did at the (location), I told (Bully 1) "Hey, knock it off!" (Bully 2) backed him up and they ganged up and pummeled me into the ground. I fought back, but they were too strong. But, something in my head snapped, and I (painful injury) (Bully 2), who fell to the ground. (Bully 3) picked up a (weapon/weapon-like object) and swung it at me, but I didn't fall, since I'm now more powerful for no reason, and I took the (weapon) from (Bully 3) and (unintended use for the item) him until his blood covered everything. (Bully 1) tried to run, but I caught him and (torture of some sort) him. He screamed and pleaded, but before I finally ended his life, I leaned into his ear and whispered, "(your killer's three word catchphrase)". I went home, murdered my family, starting with (Mother, name optional) and (Father, name optional). I looked in the mirror at myself, then (physical mutilation of yourself distinguishing your character from others' characters). My (siblings, 1+) were the last to die, and the last thing they saw was my (killer's weapon of choice) as I whispered, "(Catchphrase)".

I hope you all enjoy the original characters this product will make for you!

WARNING: Trollpasta Wiki is not responsible for any scorn you may receive for your character.

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