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Hello pasta-lovers, today I am here because I must tell you something. Something that I never spoke of for a long time. Something that I, a mere mortal, got to take part in. That something...is EVIL Jeff the Killer.

Now, I know you're confused (you aren't) and probably asking (you probably aren't)"How is there an opposite of Jeff the Killer?". Allow me to explain.

When Jeff the Killer was 27 and a half years old, a mysterious man came and took him. He cloned Jeff for some reason, creating an exact opposite of him. He then sent Jeff back, but kept the opposite and raised him.

Evil Jeff was a very different than Jeff. For one thing, he was hated by his guardian. But he loved his school a lot. The folks were super nice to him, and the teachers didn't shove 8 pages of homework down his throat. One day, he was walking from school when his "guardian" (The mysterious man) threatened to attack him and [REDACTED, TOO INAPROPRIATE!] if he didn't come home right NOW! His friends saw what was happening and stood beside him, ready to take on the threat. The guardian used every fighting trick he learned from Mr. Anime-man, but he failed cause you can't beat 5 people who know boxing and karate. The cops came and took him to jail, but then the guardian died in a car accident. After seeing how those lads helped him, Evil Jeff was very grateful. He wanted to improve others' lives just as his friends did to him. Eventually a party came and Evil Jeff was invited. Now you may be asking, "Where does Evil Jeff live?" He lived with one of his friends, ok? Back to story. When Evil Jeff made it to the party, he noticed a man running off into the woods. He thought that was suspicious, so he tagged along. Eventually after chasing the man, EVIL Jeff stopped and saw something vurry scurry: EVIL TIMMY-JIMMY-TURNER-TRON! Evil Jeff was petrified, and so was the other lad. They knew that encountering this eldritch horror could spell the end for them, so they ran, ran, ran as fast as they could, back into the house. Evil Jeff was out of breath, but the monster knocked and knocked.

"No Lewis, don't open the door!"

The eldritch horror came in, and all hell broke loose. Everyone hid back, including EVIL Jeff, but one of them found a gun (guess who it was!). EVIL Jeff ran up to the monster and said, "Your shows are garbage!"

The monster, very hurt by this, disentigrated into nothing. The crowd cheered evil Jeff and everyone was happy forever.

Now, for what happened.

I was in my room drawing cool stuff cus' I like art, but then I heard someone open my door and run upstairs. To my horror, it was JEFF THE KILLER! "Go to sheep- I mean sleep!" He said, and then he attacked me.

Luckily, I am faster than a cheetah, so I dodged his attack and ran down stairs, hiding in the basement.

Jeff followed in, seeking me with his cold, hating eyes. He spotted my hiding spot bcuz a barrel looked tipped over, and I SCREAMED! But then...I could feel time stop...And then I saw Evil Jeff! He said, "Wake up MainCharacter! We can't let Jeff kill another person!" I felt myself waking up, and I saw Jeff being knocked back by a swift punch. "Oh great, YOU HAD TO SHOW UP!" He replied in anger.

"Sorry," said evil Jeff. The two rocked punches back and forth, biting each other, kicking each other, blasting sounds into each others faces. I thought, WOW! I can't believe I get to watch this epic fight happen. But then, JEFF grabbed EVIL JEFF'S LEG, and was about to stab him. Noooo! I cried, but then Evil Jeff knocked the attack back, grabbed JEFF's LEG, and thrashed him about. "NO please I'm sorry!" cried Jeff, but it was too late. He was unconscious.

"Thannk you Evil Jeff! I do not know how to repay you!"

"Young man, you need not repay me!"

And that's the story of EVIL JEFF THE KILLER! And then a skeleton popped out.

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