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I was at home playing 102 Dalmations, suddenly the TV went fuzzy, I took out the CD and to my horror, it was broken in half! I went on e-bay to buy a new one, when it came in the mail, I looked at the case, the 2 in 102 was ripped off, with a paper taped over the hole with a 3. I ignored it and tried the game, what shocked me was the title screen actually said 103 Dalmatians. I thought "maybe this was a sequel" and it made me want to play the game even more! I started at Regent's Park though, I was a little disappointed it was just the same game again, because what was the point of having a sequel? I continued anyway, but for some reason Domino was named "Dasher" and Oddball was named "Petunia".

I tumbled into a jack-in-the-box when I did it sounding like it was crying. I just ignored it, but the same happened to every enemy, was this a sick joke? In the park the sky was red and so was the water. Even worse when I tried to open a puppy from the crate, all I saw of the puppies were their skeletons. When Jasper chased me he called my dog a bitch instead of a mutt, which shocked me!

I mean not only is this a sequel to an E rated game but THIS game was E rated too! Then again it could have been poor packaging. I played through all of the levels, and each was worse than the last. Everytime my dog attacked or (s)he was injured the body became a little bloodier. In the Barnyard the pig was getting slaughtered, in the Ancient Castle, I encountered a robotic clown which was never in the level, I defeated it and instead of exploding it...

Just lied there, I felt like I was watching a scene from BioDome. Whenever I bash Horace, Jasper, or even Lepelt they bleed, for a while I actually tried to avoid blood as much as possible, but it was very hard. When I lost all of my lives, the screen went back and Cruella came up to the screen and said "I'm in your house!" I looked around and no one was there, but from now on I felt like someone was watching me.

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