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I'm a librarian, and one day I found a book on the ground that wasn't in the database. I took it home and read it. It was a really creepy book. The creepiest part is on page 207, a holographic page where a monster jumps out at you.

The next day I showed it to my friend. He came to me the next day and explained how it was "some sick shit." I asked him about page 207 and he told me there were only 206 pages.

I took it back the next day, and right before I locked up, I took a look at the book. I checked page 207, and it was there, however this time it was just a blank page with no page number. Confused, I turned around, only to see the monster standing there, reaching out to me.

The next day, the doors wouldn't unlock, and the windows were covered in pages from other books... all page 207. And if you're wondering what happened to me... they never found me. Well, they never checked page 208.

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