3 Orangutans 1 Blender: The Story of the Most Vile Video on the Internet

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We are a group of people unlike any other. We don't like rules. We don't like etiquette. Society is a joke to us, and we don't believe in what we do is wrong. The only thing we like, is the smell, and taste of what blood and death. The smell of death is like bacon in the morning, or even a nice warm cup of tea at your local cafe if we're lucky.

This wasteland here in Indonesia is a perfect place where we can have all the fun we want. Most people don't see what our true intentions are. Most people look at us as monsters with devil horns all around our heads. The way we see ourselves? We see each other as gods who help the world see what true happiness is to us. I spent millions of dollars to set up what we have, and bribe and talk these screwballs into joining my suicide party. This is all the best I can possibly do to help the world in my way. Give them a taste of what our isolated life is like all alone in this shit hole.

It all started out when I was brought here illegally by my parents, who were major drug dealers. They were also part of one of the world's largest cults. This cult was unlike any other, was so secret, and they even used internet that was really high tech for the late 80s. The name of this cult was The Placemasters. All they did whenever they would meet up, deep in the forest, is sacrifice animals of all types to feed their "inner souls" to mark wherever they were, and their goal was to repeat this over and over again in each and every part of the forests and jungles all over until they have "fed the gods". I would have to sit and watch these with my parents whenever they met up with the people in it. Sometimes they would even sacrifice a person in order to add a "spice" to these violent, vile rituals.

Well one day, I grew an inside pleasure from seeing this all happening. This pain that others experience, it made my heart pound, my bones would be ignited, and my blood pressure would rise as if I was very excited about something. That's when I decided to try it out myself. So me and my family went to it again, but this time I was a teenager by then, so I decided to raid the show my sacrificing a couple lizards. Everyone then looked at me thinking I was crazy, and they all started chasing after me. I then was brought home by my parents, and then they mentioned to me that I ruined the ritual and they would never take me to them again if I continued to act up. But it just felt so good to see people and things suffer to me, and I wish I could see it again all for myself.

Pretty soon, me and my family were going to do a giant raid on a betrayed dealer in Africa, and we boarded a ship to go and do it. They said they had to prove themselves to the dealers otherwise their ties would be cut. But on board the ship, a chef got onto a fight with my father, and started physically threatening him. Then my mother came in and tried to break up the fight, but the man had slit her throat, then pretty soon he beat my father to death. That's when I knew something was happening inside of me. My blood was pumping, I was ready to lash out. So what I did was, I became so stone hard, I could feel my muscles and skin starting to become less tender. Then pretty soon, I let out a giant screens and attacked the man that killed my family. I beat his head onto a table to the point where he was bleeding from his forehead, and then I picked him up by the feet and threw him across the room to the point where he was nearly unconscious. I then grabbed him, and then threw him overboard while he was unconscious. I knew I had finally got my revenge on that awful man, and then I held up the cockpit, and I sailed everyone to India instead. That's where I would start my life as a changed person.

Once I arrived in India, everyone for the most part took flights back to Indonesia after what they had witnessed, and some people even tried calling the police as well. So I had to hide when I first got there. Pretty soon was I was going through the city, and then the jungle, I came across a small group of people that looks like they have committed some kind of murder in the mountains. I asked them what they were doing since I did not see this at first, and they held their guns at me, only for me to tell them that I would do anything for them and not to shoot. They then told me not to tell anyone about their thing they were doing, and that's when I decided to convince them to come back home with me because I had a plan. We all boarded a private jet, and that's when we decided to buy some weapons before we flew back to Indonesia to go and for everyone to help me with my plan. Once we got back however, we saw the news that the world was looking for me since I had murdered the ruthless chef on the boat. So we had to move quick so we could find our spot in the Jungle for the sake of our new cult.

We were getting set up. We got some expensive equipment from my family's drug house, and we filmed ourselves doing vile things to insects and lizards to start out with. Then we posted them onto the internet as pay to watch features for each and every one of them, and we ended up getting a lot of money in the beginning. We then would get some supplies to make our cult more powerful, as well as dress the part more. So we got some disguises, weapons, and many more things. We decided we should name our cult for once. So I decided we should name it after the town I grew up in. Agkolk, and in honor of my parents who even though where dangerous on the inside, I felt like I had a soft spot for them. I feel they should be honored for the sake of what my goal is.

Back to the present time, we have lots of videos of us doing the acts we do, but like all art, this particular video we have in our vault of classics will live up the quality of my true inner Picasso. We all take pride in it, and we wish others would see the happiness we experience. We set up all of our expensive props for it, including creating a giant shredder that can chop pretty much anything into a pulp. Which in return, will turn it into the bloody smoothies we live for. During the time of production, we got the most expensive camera for the time secretly through a friend who smuggled it in as cameras were not released in this country yet to replace our other one. Then it was show time for us. We got on our loyalty suits, tattooed ourselves madly until we all felt angry enough to hurt a soul. Then we hit the record button on the camera.

We started out by bringing some of the animals and cutting them up with the knifes we use for our tests for all our new members. Then with the help of some bleach, we recorded them screeching in agony while laughing our asses off. Hearing their cries just gave us goosebumps, cause when you have a really good case of sadism, you can feel that very well compared to if you had your balls touched even once. We decided to do the rest of this to that giant piece of equipment i installed on the porch of my camp. It looked like a giant smoothie maker, but it was used for the one purpose. To sacrifice each other. We threw some men into the blender after we killed the monkeys, and we all celebrated with a nice blood, nerve, and blood smoothies fresh from the giant blender. Sometimes I would mix the fat guy who chainsawed them into the smoothies because we had to kill him as well due avoid anyone mentioning us to the government.

Well, that our story. I still have some scar marks of when I would cut slabs of skin from my arm off along with the monkeys that we all have slaughtered alive in this giant contraption. It's such a great feeling knowing that you have nothing to loose. Nobody to tell you what to do, knowing there are no limits, no rules, and no commitment whatsoever to maintaining the same image. Our cult is what we were made for. This jungle will be the place we will live in till the day we die. Everyday we slowly get closer to dying, as we started doing more sacrifices than normal. In fact, in humble honor of my parents, we decided to sport the same symbol as the drug dealer they once worked for on all of our uniforms. But let me hold my tongue. I might be next at a moment's notice. But that's only natural. We published all our videos on our website, and everyone views our videos with pride, joy, and pure satisfaction. Although there are pussies out there that hate this content and film themselves watching our clips, especially the one recent video we call a masterpiece. Some people say we don't exist, some people say we do. But we are out there for your joy and pleasure, and we are going to continue doing this until one of us is the next star.

We continue to live this way even to the present day with more and more people joining and dying in the process. So if you ever think about joining, you'll have to go through the psychological tests first to prove yourself that you're capable of doing it. If you even make it through that is. We might just get rid of you at a moment's notice if we decide you are next on our list.

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