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666...A bad number.

Well once I browsed my computer to find a new folder named...I was like "Who puts 3 periods in a random folder?" I did not make i double-click and in it i see a file its name is 666.DIE i was like woah dude go slower than this.

I opened, then played like a video in VLC Media Player it said Format: 666 unavalible. What I saw shocked me.

I found another folder pop up from knowhere named Devil's codec i opened and i find a .dll file named 666-codec

I drag it into vlc's folder restarted and it worked!

The Video...

It was 7:07 minutes long you know that in time if you put that back to just numbers its 666 ok i thought

It was really horrible pepole with there brains out and cut up and eaten and blood and gore everywhere...

...and a shadow with red eyes the gygias them played during it and at the 6:30 mark the devil him self was shown tourturing pepole to death literally and well when he was done he ripped through the chest and grabbed there soul and heart and then they eat the heart and then started chanting, You will die, You will die! YOUR NEXT!

WOW, i thought who ever made this must be a really sick person and yeah he should stop doing this to pepole

And I noticed the year it was made in was 06/06/06 (June 6 2006) and the codec was made 09/09/09 (october 9 2009)

666 and 999

I'm writing this from my dismembered grave


Credited to Pasta that's Scary

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