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Part 1

July 6th 2011

This is something that happened a while ago but I need to share. It was a normal summer day and my friends and I were hanging out at camp. We would play sports everyday outside, the weather was just perfect and it was nice to relax in the cool shade. My friends and I had a hangout spot it was under a huge shadey tree right next to a small creek. Everything was fine until I saw something in the muddy creek. It seemed to be a Nintendo 64 cartridge, it was just buried in the mud and had no sticker on the front of it. I told my friends and they seemed interested in getting the cartridge out of the mud but the counselors wouldn't let us. Once Camp ended we snuck over to the creek and lowered my friend Ricky in. Ricky grabbed the cartridge out, we were very curious on what game it could be. Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, or even Conker's Bad Fur Day we felt nostalgia all over. We rushed over to Ricky's to play the game, once we got in the house Ricky got out the 64. I was having some doubts about this, the Cartridge smelled of feces and urine and when i cleaned the inside it almost looked like blood was on the napkin. But I still had to see what it was so I gave the cartridge to Ricky and we turned on the power...

Part 2

The T.V turned on excitement grew then static. At first we took the game out and blew on the cartridge to get any dust out and put the game back in. The first thing the came up was a glitched out logo it looked like it was a nintendo logo but we still weren't sure. Then the screen went black and a loud screaming was heard that damn blood curdling scream. Ricky quickly got up and turned the volume off and turned of the power and took the cartridge out. We blew on it more and took a q tip and cleaned it out. We were starting to get aggrivated 2 trys allready but no avail we finally put the catridge in and it finally went to the title screen. It was just a black background and no title only one button in the middle of the screen that read "PLAY". I got a bit scared but We decided to press it, BIG MISTAKE. At first nothing popped up then a bloody, decapitated, skinless face of a little girl came onto the screen with the same screen even tho the volume had been turned off. We all jumped out of Ricky's couch "TURN IT OFF!" screamed Connor covering his ears. Ricky quickly ran up to the 64 and turned off the power but the scream and face was still there. " Come on Ricky seriously turn it off!" Liam shrieked "I'm fucking trying!" Ricky shouted back. Ricky finally unplugged the 64 and it went off, me and my friends got really scared, What game is this? We looked on the back to see if we could find anything, like the seal of approval by nintendo. It was there but the no sticker like on a regular cartridge and the sticker seemed so real we could'nt take it off or anything. Me and my friends took the cartridge out back and threw it in the garbage and all went home.

It has been 6 weeks since we had played the game when I woke up in the morning. My Mom and Dad were talking with Ricky's Parents down stairs and it looked like Ricky's Mom was crying. " What happened?" I asked my Dad. My Dad looked at me with a sigh " Ricky killed himself last night...

Part 3

I looked at my dad with a very shocked face. My Dad explained " Ricky stabbed himself with a kitchen knife and 666 was written all over the walls in blood." I felt sick to my stomache how could this happen. "By the way" my Dad said "Ricky sent you this letter the day before he died." My Dad gave me the envolope and I opened it. Inside was the cartridge and I got really shit scared. I called Connor and Liam and told them about the incident they were pretty freaked out as well. " Could it have been the game?" Connor wondered "No it couldn't a game can't hurt you." I replied back. Then I heard an eerie voice " Can we play?"

I turned around and All I saw was the cartridgd. I was suspecting it to be a joke by my Dad but still pretty freaky. 6 weeks passed and Me and my friends are still pretty freaked out by Ricky's suicide. But then things went really wrong, I got out of bed and decided to watch some T.V. On turned the News, I was about to change the channel when I saw something. They were talking about a local suicide attempt in our town, I turned the volume up. It said that my friend Liam had tried to kill himself last night but his parents walked in just when he was about to do it. I was very afraid now " What the fuck is going on?" I thought, Could it be that the game is Haunted I had to figure out. I rushed over to the police station with the cartridge in hand and brang my 64 console. I told the police about my thoughts and they just laughed, "Yes I know you think I'm crazy but can't you just see the game?" I asked. "Fine," the sherrif said "Let's take a look."

I plugged in the 64, connected it to the T.V and put in the game. Up popped the nintendo logo not glitched or anything, then it was the Super Mario 64 title screen. "WHAT THE FUCK" I screamed in my head, the policemen laughed at me "No, No this isn't it!" I said. "Before it was a scary face and loud volume!" they didn't listen they just laughed. I stormed home and took a look at the game again. This time a black screen came up and a little girl popped up on screen. It was just a little girl looking at me, not decapitated or bloody, just fine. At first I was confused, then I shit my pants. The girl's mouth extended and started to look like the Predator's mouth and then her stomach exploded and a bloody demon creature popped out. I almost threw up and quickly turned off the game and brang it to the fire and burned it.


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