666: The Truth

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I was searching on Google for any information on Username:666. My friend introduced me to 666 by making me watch the video and it got really creepy when 666's channel appeared. It was red and bloody and he had gory videos that I don't think are allowed on YouTube. I instantly became a fanatic and read the creepypastas and spinoffs. Anyway I found a site named thepeopleof666.com . When I clicked on the link, the site 404'd on me. I kept refreshing until I finally got it to work. It's website was just black with white text like what you would see in informational websites. It only had a few sentences. "666 is not one. 666 people were chosen by diffrient timelines to do Satan's bidding until the end of time." That was pretty intresting to me so I got on one of my favorite forums (CENSORED FOR PRIVACY) to post this revolutionary information. It immediately got deleted in 3 minutes, I tried reposting but it was deleted even quicker. An admin sent me a message but I didn't remember the admin,his name was SATANS LITTLE BASTERD. He sent me a message saying "So you know huh? Stop shoving it into other maggots brains. They'll become corrupt of the information because it was suppose to be a secret. But in 666 seconds, you must die for the sake of humanity. - ???" I was not scared because I knew it was a joke. I ignored and went on YouTube, I watched some Smosh videos until I got a pop-up saying SUCCESS 666: VIRUS 666 HAS FULLY BEEN INSTALLED INTO YOUR MIND. I completly ignored it but oh ho was I wrong. They grew a dark mind inside mine, I'm going completly insane now. I'm getting the best help from all the doctors from the Mental Hospital, and I got this journal to write all this down. Thank you 666. You helped me realize the truth. 666 are our saviors for the world,they are our guardian angels. That's why the world didn't end,Satan is actually good. Jesus has done nothing for us mortals. Hell might not be a bad place after all. That's where I'm going right now, one of the angels are taking me right now.

Credited to MirrorOfMiles

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