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WARNING: Only For 9+ - Lots Of Gore And Dark Themes - You Have Been Warned.

I was at a Halloween party with my friend on Animal Jam. We were having fun when someone sent me a friend request. His name was 6xnan. His animal looked cut up, bloody, and really distorted. The cuts and blood looked really realistic, but I stupidly thought he was using an exploit and was trolling people. So I declined the friend request.

My friend was asking why I wasn't responding. I told him some person thought he could scare me with his "scary animal" by sending a friend request. When I was about to leave the party I got some mail.

Bad mail.

I tried to reload the page, but it wouldn't reload. Also, every time I pressed it, it played distorted screaming. I couldn't do anything, so I force shutdown the PC and turned it back on. But...the Windows logo was different (I didn't get to screenshot). The Windows logo looked bloody and had cuts on it. Eventually, the computer loaded up. The wallpaper looked normal, but all my files were black.

Five years later..

I watch in horror as I see my chips being stolen by weevils

I got my moms slipper and slapped them one by one

But then.. one calls out it sent a shiver down my spin

h-hes r-returning.???!!!

Rip my chips :l

Picture of 6xnan's animal
Picture of the mail

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Credited to YTPSForever 
Originally uploaded on August 13, 2017

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