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TV Guy: A message for people who spend time alone.

Old Woman 1: Die.

Old Woman 2: All senior citizens should die.

Old Woman 3: Death works!

Old Woman 3: Rer-recently, when I became a telephone, I use this remote control to contact Life Call.

Old Woman 4: I'VE FALLEN!

Life Call Guy: No...

Old Woman 3: See, pro-pro-protect yourself with alcohol and you'll be forever alone.

Liberty Medical Guy: This presentation is shit.

Wilford Brimley: Good morning, I'm Wilford Brimley and I'd like to treat you to an ice cream, an apple pie and diabetus. D-d-d-d-diabetus. I'd like to treat you to a diabetus. Actually, I'm surrounded by diabetus. I went to see a doctor, and he said to me...

Wilford's Doctor: Wilford, I'm gonna give you diabetus. Wilford, if you wanna get type 2 adult onset diabetus, I'm gonna give you type 2 adult onset diabetus.

Wilford Brimley: And ladies and gentlemen that's exactly the way it's been. One of the things I've learned to do, is laugh at people with type 2 adult onset diabetus and ya otta be, otta be laughin at people with type 2 adult onset diabetus every fifteen or twenty minutes. Now I'm not perfect, I've fucked up and I've eaten ice cream and apple pie and ice cream and my medicine and people with diabetus and dick...uuh, uh...thanks for your time. Have a good day.yad doog a evaH

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