ABC And The Six Pidgeys

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This is the story of how my life turned up side down.

My name is Jonathan, and I really enjoy Pokemon.

Once when I was walking home from school, I noticed there was a hole in the floor, in which there was a Pokemon Ruby cartridge lying on it's own. So I picked it up and took it home with me.

When I got home, I stuck it in my DS lite, and what I saw wasn't so nice.

Instead of the Game Freak logo, nothing appeared, and the game instantly loaded. I was in Oldale Town. The name of the character was "abc," and he had all badges, and 6 Pidgeys. (Not a very badass player then.) They were all Lvl 20, and hadn't evolved into anything else.

As I was sat in my lounge when I was playing, I noticed that my PS3 had been turned on without me touching it. Instead of loading the game in the drive (LittleBigPlanet 2. Hell yeah.) it started up the internet browser and went to http://<blankedforprotection>.ca/ (I'm not Canadian by the way.) I didn't really get what this did because it didn't give me a "PS Three Virus" as it claimed to, it just crashed and restarted the system.

Anyway, back to the game;

I quit the menu screen, and flew to Petalburg. This is where it happened.

I was forced into battle, and didn't even get to go to the gym. But I was battling against, err, a blank sprite?


PIDGEY was possessed!

PIDGEY was possessed!

PIDGEY was possessed!

PIDGEY was possessed!

PIDGEY was possessed!

PIDGEY was possessed!

JONATHAN fainted!

That was creepy, because the name of the trainer was ABC, not my real name. At this point, I DID faint.

I dreamt that the game was gone, and my family were together again. All alive, well and happy. (My parents split up after an argument, my cousin was dead, and my brother = dead.)

I don't really want to say what happened after I woke up, but ask my friends, because they'll know.

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