A "Loving" Husband

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Hi. My name's Travis. I haven't met you, yet. Or have I? Oh yeah. Remember me? I'm your childhood friend. I believe we have some catching up to do. Well, now I'm 23. I'm married to my highschool sweatheart. What else? Ah. Also, I killed all of the people that got in the way of our love. I hid them in an abandoned cemetery. Ironic, eh? Anyways, you won't get in the way of out love, will you? Heh. The look on your face right now. You don't know what to say. Don't say you won't if you don't mean it because I can tell. But, if you say you will, I'll put you like the others. Oh, you won't? Great! So, you can become part of out family! What? You don't want to be part of our family? Then must mean you're in our way. You know what I do to people like that. What's that? How can you be with us, but not in the family? That's not possible. You're just lying to keep from dying. Why don't you want to die? You'll only end up like all the others. Not to bad. I'll just stand here. Waiting for you to make a mistake. Eventually, you'll fall asleep. That's when I do it. I'll capture you and take you to the cemetery tie you up against a tombstone that reminds me of you. You'll be awake by then. This is when it gets fun. I'll cut your eyelids out with my pocket knife. Then you'll have to watch yourself suffering and watching yourself die. I'll cut a little piece of you off at a time. First your tongue. All the way to your toes. One by one. You'll be dead by then. Most likely from bleeding to death. Maybe even drowning in your own blood. That is, if you refuse to drink it when I pour it down your throat. By then I'll bury you. Nobody will ever know what happened. Huh? Why am I telling you my plan? Hah! That's because you can't do anything about it! Why you may ask? Because this has already happened. Yet, I'm the one that has the scars. You're untouched. How can this be? How could you do this to me, Travis?

Originally posted on Crappypasta.com

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