A Pacific Terror

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Capal! Our boat is sinking! Send help! Please! I beg!

Fishface in The Ocean
Fishface on Land. (Fishface form)

In 1964, many people went missing in Hawaii, most of them in Honolulu. But nobody knew who caused it, only the missing people did... The first death was a 49 year old woman named Anna Lagos, at 1:31 AM. who was just watching her Television while his husband, Ron Lagos was fishing. She was sitting in her television really calm watching Television, but then she heard someone open the door. She thought it was her husband, but then she saw a 6 foot tall deep sea diver with glowing orange eyes approaching her, she panicked immediately and ran away, but all doors were locked and couldn't be opened before she was caught, eventually she ran into Fishface and she was grabbed. Unfortunately for Anna, Fishface was way stronger and fell victim to him and was eaten alive very fast. Ron Lagos was sitting in the dock completely unaware of Fishface at 1:34 AM. But then he hears footsteps behind him, and sees a 6 foot Deep Sea Diver! What are you doing in my dock with that costume at 1:35 AM in the morning? Ron asked. Fishface stayed completely still, Ron panics and jumps into the water, and then goes back on the dock. Stay away from my dock creep! Ron yelled. Fishface then grabs Ron and unfortunately Ron falls victim to Fishface as well. The next day, It was reported that the 2 bodies of Ron and Anna were found, and that they turned to skeletons and blood and organs overnight. And the case is trying to be solved by the FBI, and they cannot reach a good conclusion. Some people reported that they saw a Deep Sea Diver full of blood on its face but chose to do nothing as they feared for their lives. As journalists go crazy and try to find out who is causing this, they have a logical common theory. This was caused by a killer, a simple serial killer who is looking for blood, and that this is nothing strange. This is something horrifying but it's not strange, said most journalists. People seek a huge effort to find the killer, and while everybody claims to have seen it, nobody really understands who it is, it's motives, or identity. The only conclusion is that it is caused by a man in a Deep Sea diving suit.

Fishface personal life

Fishface's real name is Kai Sohat, he was a Hawaiian scientist who worked for John Capal, the owner of Fish Life, a science investigation team dedicated to Marine Life, fish, and the ocean. He was a very good scientist who got very well paid, he was one of the special ones.

Fishface backstory

In 1953, John Capal sent Kai and other special Fish Life scientists to study a new species of fish on a boat. However, the boat sank and most of the crew died, except for Kai Sohat, who was diving in the deep sea as the boat sank. He got stung by a strange fish and got controlled by a parasite from the fish. The parasite made him turn green with a fish shaped mouth and fish body parts and orange glowing eyes. It controlled his brain to be more agressive, and controlled the movements of his muscles. He eventually had to eat his peers to survive, but as the Fishface parasite controlled him, he went accross the ocean, surviving on fish. One day he found his way to Honolulu again and when he got on land, he could turn to his old human form to pretend, but he had to get off his suit first. Him knowing that Fishface would kill way easier pretending to be a human, he never took off the Deep Sea diving Suit so that he can have an identity people recognize and stay away from.

The Phone Call for help during sinking.

Kai Gohat tried to call John Capal for help. But then John Capal laughs and says: Enjoy your sinking boy! Ahaha! After this John Capal hangs up. Kai is very angry and scared. And promises to himself he is gonna get revenge on John Capal if he survives and goes back on land.

Revenge against John Capal.

Fishface, in his human form, tried to know where John Capal is so that he can get revenge for letting him sink on the boat. Doing some research he finds his house address and goes to it, but then on his way to his house he is controlled by Fishface and kills Ron and Anna. He tries to have a way to control himself from Fishface, but it's all useless, and he eats more people. He is unsuccesful of killing John Capal, as the fishface parasite controls him. But then he has a plan. He knew from memory the path where John Capal went to work on his car. So he stayed in the middle of the road to cause an accident and then weaken him and kill him. His plan worked. John Capal is sent to the hospital after a car accident. And Kai sneaks inside the hospital at night, eventually he finds John in his hospital bed all asleep. Then he grabs scissors and wakes John up. Wake up John, remember Kai Gohat? He didn't die sinking. John Capal screams and scared asks: Who the Hell Are you? GET OUT OF HERE! NOW! Kai laughs then says: Not getting out until I'm satisfied, then he grabs the scissors and cuts John Capal's neck with it, ending john Capal's life in a painful way.

Credited to Lizard04

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