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This is a place. A place we have all been too, yet can't remember the horrible things we did. A place where an imagination is your only chance to survive until freedom. A place where rewards are little, and torture is plenty. A place where you can get punished just for not knowing what they want you to know, even if you are intelligent. A place where you laugh at others misery, just because it's not happening to you. A place you're forced to go to for years, yet pay. This is a place that has little breaks, and if you ask for one, you'll be scolded in front of your fellow inmates. This is the worst place I, or you, have ever went to, yet suggest others do it too. When you finally leave the place for good, you're forced to go to an even harder version of it until even older than before. This place is indescribably bad, horribly painful. This place.... is School.

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