A message from one of the last smart people on earth

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Im not even sure if anyone is reading this. But it will be worth the shot.

I am one of the last smart people on earth. Everyone else has been made an idiot of because of a virus known as "swag".

The virus has in internal effect and an external effect. The internal effect makes everyone dumb. The external effect 

makes them look like they have baseball caps on there head saying "swag" or "obey". The only way to not become infected is to not

talk to them at all costs. I'm in my basement right now barely getting a signal. I can hear them coming right now with there "wub wub"

of there "dub step". I'm sending my coordinates now. 43°4-OH SHIT THERE IN HERE HELPMEHELPMEHELPMEHELPME.

*Transmition Lost*

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