A night in EXE

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I don't even know

"Oh Jeffy, I can't wait to do this!" The happy data file said to the creepy smiling guy.

"Just shut up, Slendy is still home. You don't want him to walk in on us." Jeff said back.

"I know, but I'm just so excited to do this, it will be our first time you know. Killing a thousand gamers has nothing on this night." The EXE said with a smile that said I am god, and I want to do stuff.

Once they got to the place they were going, in this case, Jeff's bedroom, they sat on the bed and turned out the lights.

"Oh Jeffy, this will be so fun!" The EXE squealed in joy.

"Stop squiming around, I have to get the plastic sticks from my third dresser door." Jeff said.

"Oh Jeffy, give it to me!" The creepy hedgehog said.

"Alright, just stay still and quit grabbing for it." Jeff said back.

"Here you go." He said.

"Oh yes, I've heard about this, I've always wanted to have it in my hands. It's so big and hard, so you think I can handle it."

Just then, they heard eight thumps coming up the stairs.

"Crap." Jeff said as the door was opened and in walked his tall older brother in a black suit.

"Jeffrey T. Killingsworth, are you having sex up here?" He warned as he turned on the light.

"No, just trying to play the wii, but Sonic.EXE over here keeps moving around." Jeff told him.

"Oh, fine then, but keep it down. Me and The Rake have some...things to do...."

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