A real Gameboy Horror

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Ok before I tell you this don't believe anything that the media tells you. June 18 1999 Me and my three siblings Jake, Katie,Mark and Me Justin. We were unpacking to move into our new house and when we opened the box marked "games" my sister noticed that her game boy was gone Katie said "wears my game boy?" I said its not in the box? Confused that she just got it and would never let any thing happen to it that's my she had it in a box in the first place. So we looked for days but nothing.

March 28 2000 Katie got a new game boy for Christmas and Pokemon emerald and today she came crying to Me and my brothers sayings my game boy knows. I said "Knows what?" She said "about my old game boy" I was thinking how and what so I took he game boy and I turned it on like a smart person and a text box popped up and it said "WHY.....WHY DID YOU HAVE TO FORGET YOU WILL PAY" I quickly threw it with out even Turing it off and before it hit the wall it shot rite back in my hand and i shortly passed out after this happened. I woke up and I said wears your game boy Katie she said in may hand dhuuuuuuuuuuuuu I quickly took it and it said "THAY DON'T REMBER BECAUSE I MADE THEM FORGET" I said what is today Jake said the 27.

March 28 2000 agin? I was creeped out when my sister came up to me and said MY GAME BOY KNOWS but she screamed it this time all most like she was trying to get me to make shore I heard her and I said Knows what and she gives me her game boy and in the text box was "You Know"

Later that night I could not stop think about what the game boy said thay don't rembaer because I made them forget. When my game boy. Turned on and it said " I lost my sister" I said how then it went to black and white and in the next box was She got left behind bye your sister know she will pay!

March 30 2000 I wake you with me sister standing completely still like she was scared I tried to touch her head she faded away then I passed out! When I woke up I ran to Jake and Mark and said in a strong voice wears Katie! To my surprise Jake said who.....

R.I.P Katie Patrick she was never born!!!

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