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One day, this anthropomorphic alien with 3 nipples came up to me and asked me "Can you give me juice? My nipples won't work." I said, "What kind of juice?" He says "I dunno, blueberry? Lemon?" I said, "Okay, but why do you need your nipples to work?" he said "So I can feed my kids." I said "But you're a fuckin' male!" He says, "Well, I am an alien. It's a well known fact on my planet that male aliens make milk."

I said, "Do you have a penis?" He says, "Yes, I have a penis." He opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue, then a small penis comes out. I says, "What the fuck!? That't not motherfucking normal!" He says, "Well, fuck you!" I said, "Fuck you, too!" he says, "Fuck you three!" I said, "Fuck you four!" he says, "Fuck you fucking five!" I said, "Woah! You best mother fucking apologize for that fucking comment!" 

Jus then, his mother teleports in and says "What the fucking fuck are you talking to my son like that for?" I said "Because, he is being an asshole." She says, "Fuck you, you're the mother fucking asshole, motherfucker!" I said, "Fine, be that way, bitch!" then she jumps on me and starts punching me in the face. I pushed her off and said "What the fuck?"

I called the FBI agents. A second later, they came and the commande said "What the fuck is going on?" I said, "This alien bitch started assaulting me because I called her an asshole!" one of the agents says "What alien bitch!" I point to the alien mother and said "This fucker! Are you mother fucking blind?" He says, "Oh. So, what is your problem?"

At that point, I forgot what happened.

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