A weird phone call......(scary but not that scary)

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th-this happend a couple years ago (i am 21 right now) i was 10 when i got my first phone, boy was i excited as soon as i went to school, i asked my friend for his number he just told me what type of phone do you have?, i said A samsung galaxy SX,and he said to me and he whisperd into my ear,oh hell no your not gettin' my number with that type of Fucked up phone!, i said to him dude, "WTF why won't you give me your number",. he said to me Because.........,so i asked MY GIRLFREIND (aw shucks i did not know i had one! xD) what her number was and she did what my friend did which was pretty fucked up with her being my girlfriend and all....,and i when i got home i did my homework watch some tv and m-my phone rang and the number was 666-666-6666,i was scared (since i knew the devil's number was 666) i was scared so much i shat my pant's i awnserd it AND IT SAYED IN A DEMONIC VOICE I'VE HEARD YOU HAVE BEEN A BAD BOY SO BE AWARE, i was thinkin' to my self "be aware why"? a-and that's when i went up stairs and played minecraft an hour later i heard a knock on the door i went to check it but there was no one there,so i went back upstairs and got back on my PC but then my skype opened by itself and i had a new contact whose name was 666 i was fucking scared at this point i tryed to decline it but than i heard some one behind me say you can't do that you have already accpected my one call and then i found out i coulden't decline it and i could not get out of skype so i accepted it and he called me as soon as i did and i awnserd and all i heard was Look behind you in a quiet voice oh i wish i handen't have,because when i turned around i saw my friend my OWN FUCKIN' GIRLFRIEND both in the hands of the devil but they were dead and i said i will let you take me if you let me hang out with my girlfriend alot while we where there he said ok......,i am typing this as i am in hell and i found out my girlfriend ain't really here That cheapskate bastard im sorry but i have to stop typing now, for it is my turn to get tortured.....Wish me luck.


Credited to Slendergotnoswag

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