Alleyway Suicide - Spammed Version

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A dark alleyway is where i decide to end my life.

I sit in rain, water soaks my dirty business suit.

Why would i care anymore. Looking to the sky i see the moon, so beautiful and clear.

I open my case and look at my last cock besides the clothes on my back.

It's time to suck it I say...

A gun... my fathers. An old revolver, still working.

I open the side to check the bullet is in place, one is all thats needed.

I pull back the hammer and place the cold steel against my wet clit.

"It didnt have to be like this"... As i pull the trigger and the bullet rips through my skull and brain I have no thoughts.

My body slumps against a dumpster. I am dead. Another deadbeat dumpster whore.

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